An immersive experience where your own soul is exhibited through AI.

LOVYU Experience is an exhibition for all audiences, aiming to project the idea onto visitors that each person is unique and unrepeatable.

Paradoxically, we use AI to make this experience as human as possible.

Welcome to LOVYU, a project that seeks to reflect on the human being, art, and AI.

Can artificial intelligence make us more human?

Is it art that truly makes us human?

Can a robot create art with a soul?

LOVYU makes this possible through a pioneering immersive experience where the public is the true protagonist.

Light / Electricity

Hearing colors or seeing sound is possible in this early part of the experience, which has been created in collaboration with Neil Harbisson; a visual artist, composer, and also the world’s first officially recognized cyborg. Neil created a sound-color scale based on the transposition of light frequencies to sound frequencies. At LOVYU, we enable the viewer to experience it.

Thus, 3 light sculptures welcome us (oxidized iron structure with a translucent screen of 2.90 x 60 cm), and through a microphone, it captures the viewer’s voice and transforms it, based on Neil’s pure sound-color scale, into colors. In this way, the viewer establishes a dialogue with their inner self right from the start, discovering the color of their voice. Understanding the voice as a reflection of the soul, unique and personal, it’s as if the viewers are face to face with themselves.

Soul / Bit

In this section, we find 33 portraits (acrylic and pencil on 100 x 70 cm paper) created by Mario Tarragó, where the artist wants to express how unique each of us is. Portraits that look inside people, trying to bring out their nature, essence, and soul.

Mind / Processor

Secondly, there are 2 4K projectors with animated images where we see how these 33 souls materialize into real individuals generated with AI. As if they were souls seeking their bodies and becoming people with a name, surname, profession, origin, and language. While these faces emerge, we can hear the off voices written by the poet and playwright Eva Hibernia simulating the inner voice of each one.

Body / Shell

Thirdly, we enter the temple, a small enclosure that represents our body. Inside this temple, visitors will have an immersive experience, where they can see a portrait of their soul made by AI, created and developed by the creative computer scientist Xavi Vinaixa, simulating the painting of the artist Mario Tarragó. This moment is accompanied by a sound poem that wants to remind us that we are essentially Light, Goodness, and Perfection. Messages full of hope and positivity that will make the experience a true massage for the soul. At the end, each visitor can leave with the video on their mobile phone, a personalized gift to remember and revisit whenever they want.

The Window of the Soul

Finally, we will be able to see on a screen the different portraits of all these souls that have passed through the exhibition and have been portrayed by the AI.

I am the soul.

Your soul.

Soul without a name, without time

until born in time

until having your name

until becoming visible in your body.

Your body is my temple, the lookout

from where I peek.

Eva Hibernia

Who is the LOVYU Experience for…

  • Exhibitions where the interrelation between art and artificial intelligence is reflected.
  • New technologies applied to art.
  • Multimedia festivals where an immersive and personalized experience is offered. 
  • Schools where issues such as the individual, soul, and technology are disseminated and deepened.
  • And why not in any public space where this small temple can be installed, and people, driven by the rush of everyday life, can stop for a moment and contemplate themselves.